Davindragul’s Semi-Regular Media Log 9000

I’ll run you through the title first, as I can see how it could be confusing. The start is easy enough to understand, as it signifies who is writing this, so you don’t get confused. ‘Semi-Regular’ means that I’ll write this whenever the fuck I feel like it, who knows, this could be the first and last, so I might never get a chance to bring out the Roman numerals. “Media Log’ is also self-explanatory,  it is whatever forms of media I have interacted with recently. ‘9000’ is there for a good reason as well; it just sounds really cool, and I might get a few more hits from bozos thinking I’m reviewing stuff from the future somehow.

Doing this in blog form also means that people from my facebook aren’t inundated with useless links to and comments about the random shit I watch/listen to/read. So now my five remaining ‘friends’ don’t have to read about 60s surrealist Czech movies or ambient music no one has heard of. Sidenote, the Music section is stuff I’ve ever bought or got in the mail.


Serpico (Lumet, 1973) – Looks like Pacino took a break from playing a gangster in the first two Godfather movies to grow a beard and wear ridiculous 70s clothing, whilst trying to fight police corruption in New York. Considering this is a true story, and from what I’ve heard from other sources, the sort of stuff shown in this movie is almost tame compared to what happens. It’s still a greatmovie, and Pacino played Serpico really well. And yes, I did watch this purely based on Charlie dressing as Serpico for Always Sunny.

The Woman in the Dunes (Teshigara, 1964) – Strange movie about a woman stuck in a house at the bottom of a giant sand dune, forced to dig sand for the rest of the villagers in exchange for food and water. A tourist is lured down, and is forced to join her. It twists plotlines a fair bit, which means it doesn’t get boring. It was nominated for a best Foreign Film Oscar, so that tells you how good it is.

Bad Lieutenant (Ferrara, 1992) – I really hated Driller Killer, but Ferrara is much better here. Harvey Keitel as a cop is just the biggest pile of shit, which I mean in a good way. Half the movie is just him being a dickhead to everyone, stealing coke from crime scenes to sell and masturbating on the side of female teenager’s cars, but it makes sense at the end. He also hangs dong (maybe he was Thundergun?)

Paprika (Kon, 2006) – Bizarre anime that was kind of like Inception, but first. Too much random stuff happens for me to into any more depth. It was cool though.


London Weekend (Another Sunny Day, 1992) – I really love ‘You Should All Be Murdered’, but the rest of this stuff is way too syrupy and twee, even for something that loves jangle pop as much as I do. It’s still good, but a man has a limit.

In a Landscape (Drury/Cage, 1994) – This is Drury playing some of Cage’s more well known experimental pieces. The self titled is a cool almost ambient piano song, but the rest of the CD is just trash. Why the fuck do I need to hear a ten minute long solo toy piano song?

Incunabula (Autechre, 1993) – Apparently they get better, but this is a good start. Just solid early 90s IDM.

I haven’t really finished any books or watched much tv recently, so that’s it for now.