20 Dumbest Names of Music Genres

There are an alarming amount of just plain bullshit names for musical genres. Some have even wormed their way into the societal vernacular, and we forget just how bad and generally nonsensical they really are. So I though I’d comb through the musical genres present on giant online music database RateYourMusic.com and pull out some of the flagrant offenders, and throw in a few more for good measure.

Boogie Woogie – It rhymes, so it’s cool! Let’s dance!

Hi-NRG – T0tes g8 u gys. Worse because it’s a predominately 80’s genre, so there are no excuses 4 abrvs.

Cocktail – Easy listening music for drinking cocktails to? Really?

Brostep – Why am I picturing some over-tanned dickhead dancing?

Skweee – It sounds like someone fell ass first onto a water slide mid-sentence, and decided to roll with it.

Nightcore – This wasn’t on RYM, but a friend told me it’s what some happy hardcore fans call their music, and it checks out. Apparently it’s also just regular dance songs sped up. Goddamn.

Complextro –  This is just a straight up dumb name.

Nu-NRG – Hi-NRG obvs d!dnt h@ve enuff nu-skool NRG.

Hardcore (Anything) – If you say you are hardcore, you better fucking be.

IDM – I love this genre, but what the fuck does “Intelligent Dance Music” mean?

I’d dance, but I’m thinking too fucking hard!

Witch House – Either a creepy house in Salem, or a bit from an old Abott and Costello routine.

Crunkcore – RYM: “Combines Crunk with occasional harsh vocals and screaming.” Says it all.

Lowercase – I’m going to go strain my ears listening to barely audible noises, and I’ll top it off by enjoying the overbearingly pretentious genre name!

Slowcore – The slow part fits, but why the core?

Shoegaze – A classic bad pun, it’s because they are shy and stare at their shoes on stage, get it? Ho ho ho!

Nu Metal – Nu is just a shitty prefix altogether, but when you add the actual music itself…

Blackgaze – Somehow, someway, they made the genre name Shoegaze worse by adding Black Metal.

Krautrock – I use this term, but calling Germans ‘krauts’ is apparently an insult. It would be like calling rap another old racist musical genre term, ‘Coon Song’ (yes, it was a real genre).

Crust punk – I know they want to sound vulgar, but it sounds more like the edge of a piece of bread.

Oi! – It’s too easy, but I must; “Oi! What a crappy name for a music genre!”

I feel drained from the witty wordplay and mashing together of two random words of all the genre names above, but I’ll be back to hopefully come up with the BEST genre names that I can find.