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‘Almost Famous’ Retro-Review


Cameron Crowe made a splash as a hot new indie director in the 1980s and managed to ride that reputation through a series of mediocre released punctuated by the occasional heartfelt piece that… Continue reading

Ten Things Noticed While Watching ‘Almost Famous’


Is that Dexter’s sister? Is that Rainn Wilson under that mo? Man, Kate Hudson is great in this movie…what the hell happened? The major problem with her career is the terrible choices but… Continue reading

Community Season 3 Begins!


The BEST sitcom on TV right now begins its third year! But there’s a big problem with the first episode… …it wasn’t long enough! Great start to the season, bring on the next… Continue reading

‘Horrible Bosses’ Movie Review


Horrible bosses draws an easy parallel to ‘The Hangover’. Comedians better known for television working together to mine comedy from a simple concept. Three guys hate their bosses and plot to murder them… Continue reading

Top 10 Comics That Should be Movies Already


Comic books and cinema have long been a collaboration. Batman and Superman appeared in cinematic serials  as early as the 1940′s, and there’s been a steady trickle since then. When Bryan Singer’s X-Men… Continue reading