007 Casefile: ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’

In his previous mission James Bond faced his criminal equivalent. This time around he deals with an opposite number of a different sort.

The Mission: When the plans for Soviet and British submarines begin to go missing Bond is summoned to investigate. He finds himself competing with Russian Agent Triple X until the two of them are ordered to co-operate.

Locales: Egypt, Austria, Scotland and Italy.

Gadgets: A microfilm reader, built out of a lighter and cigarette case. A ski pole that doubles as a gun. Bond’s watch serves as a telex pager. A portable water craft.

Vehicles: Later in the mission Bond makes use of a jet ski and an escape pod, but his most significant vehicle is the Lotus Esprit Turbo that sprays concrete, has machine guns under the headlights, landmines, surface to air missiles, torpedoes and (most awesomely) turns into a submarine.

Spy Who Loved Me Lotus

Sidekicks: Sheikh Hosein, a friend of Bond’s from Cambridge who acts as his contact in Egypt, and Agent Anya Amasova aka Triple X.

The Girls: Aside from Anya Amasova and a pre-credits girl Bond doesn’t get very involved with any other women on this adventure. Guess he was feeling tired.

The Enemy: Karl Stromberg, wacky billionaire who wants to live under the sea.

Evil Plot: Pretty much that. Stromberg is using his supertanker to snatch up nuclear submarines that he will use to wipe out life on the surface so he can rebuild civilization under the sea.

Distinguishing Features: He’s…generally got fish around? Yeah, he’s a little plain.

Secret Lair: Alright, in this area Stromberg does a little better. His underwater base unoriginality named ‘Atlantis’ is pretty cool even though it looks as though it’s a foot long model and the way it raises above the surface is impressive. Plus he’s got that Supertanker.

Spy Who Loved Me Atlantis

“It’s only a model.”

Henchmen: Sandor is the first of the henchmen to attack Bond at the casino, only to be dropped off a roof. Naomi is Stromberg’s personal assistant and assassin who chases Bond and Triple X down in a helicopter. Jaws is easily the most memorable – a towering giant and equipped with a set of steel teeth he’s a powerful adversary, easily tearing apart a car trying to get to Bond.

Facts About the Movie

Politically Incorrect Behaviour: Bond is starting to get better – yet in the scene where Sandor shoots at Bond and hits a girl it REALLY looks as though Bond is using her to shield himself.

Notable Firsts: The set of the Supertanker was build on what was named the ‘oo7 Stage’ at Pinewood studios, the biggest movie set at the time, which was build especially for this film. It is reputed that the set was so big it almost bankrupted the production when it couldn’t be lit – reportedly Stanley Kubrick was secretly brought it to help solve the problem.

Random Trivia: The original plot for the film, that featured terrorists overthrowing SPECTRE and using their resources to take over the world, was scrapped when producers felt that using terrorists was too political.

This film features the only instance when M’s real name is revealed: Miles. I guess it isn’t just a randomly assigned letter…

Richard Kiel, who plays Jaws, brings a startling seven-foot-two height to the role. Also considered for the part were David Prose (Darth Vader) and Will Samson (Chief Bromden).


The awesome submersible Lotus Esprit is fully functional underwater (as long as you’re wearing scuba gear).