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The Amazing Spider-Man Review: A Second Opinion


First things first, this is a completely spoiler-free review on the film. Now, having said that I want to start off this review by stating a couple of things about my personal biases… Continue reading

DC vs. Marvel: Batman vs. Iron Man


DC vs. Marvel: Batman vs Iron Man For as long as there have been comic books, there has been the feud between DC and Marvel. Both are heavy-hitting comic companies that continue to… Continue reading

‘Prometheus’ Review


**There are NO spoilers in this review** Before I decided to head into the theater and let Prometheus bathe over my body I went on Rotten Tomatoes and checked in with some of… Continue reading

DC vs. MARVEL: Green Arrow vs Hawkeye


DC vs. Marvel: Green Arrow vs Hawkeye Background:  When it comes to two characters that mirror each other in a lot of ways you need to look no further than Green Arrow and… Continue reading

DC vs. Marvel – The Joker vs. Loki


DC vs. Marvel: The Joker vs. Loki Background:  Two of DC and Marvel’s flagship villains go head to head in a match up that will critique their abilities, social relevance and overall storyline. … Continue reading

The Top 10 Moments from Season 2 of The Walking Dead


1. Rick shoots Sophia – This is the defining moment of the series for me, let alone the season. Up until this point it seemed like Rick was entrenched in an old school… Continue reading

Casting Call: Mass Effect


With Mass Effect 3 finding it’s way into the hands of millions of fans around the globe soon I decided to bring the SciFi epic to our Casting Column.  A Mass Effect movie… Continue reading

Jurassic Park: The Book and the Movie’s Differences


Jurassic Park’s initial popularity reached all around the globe as it is now one of the most iconic and beloved movies of all-time. This is the film that introduced the world to modern… Continue reading

‘The Grey’ Movie Review


The first thing I can say about The Grey is that it isn’t a light viewing. It requires you to buckle down and prepare for some gut wrenching scenes that are hard to… Continue reading

Our 15 Favorite Lord of the Rings Moments


Paul and JAMIE share their love of Lord of the Rings! It’s no secret that the movie I hold dearest to my heart is the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy, and there… Continue reading

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