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The Pull List: 11/2/2016


Buzz-worthy books of the week Avengers #1 Post-Civil War, the Avengers has a roster shake-up. Vision, Cap (Wilson), Thor (Foster), and the new Wasp are joined by Spider-Man and Hercules. And they are… Continue reading

Phobia Philms: Halloween II


In “Phobia Philms,” I plan on reviewing and recommending scary movies based on real phobias, of which there is no shortage of, specifically what makes them scary and how they represent our anxieties. … Continue reading

The Pull List: 10/19/2016


Buzz-worthy books of the week Batman #9 Batman needs Amanda Waller’s help to break in to the most fortified prison in the world to steal something….from Bane! Die Kitty Die #1 An Archie… Continue reading

The Pull List: 10/12/2016


Buzz-worthy books of the week. Clone Conspiracy #1 Behind the scenes during Spider-Man’s current solo series, the Jackal has been amassing a supervillain army by promising to return their loved ones through his cloning… Continue reading

The Pull List: 10/5/2016


Buzz-worthy books of the week Cage #1 Genndy Tartakovsky, the man behind Samurai Jack, has been trying to get his ’70s era Cage book for awhile. Well, this Wednesday it is finally hitting… Continue reading

The Pull List: 9/28/2016


Buzz-worthy books of the week Captain America Sam Wilson #13 The on-going conversation about mantle-passing, race-changing casting decisions, and general representation in comics can be quite depressing, but I love that Spencer has… Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘I Am Not a Serial Killer’


Directed by: Billy O’Brien Starring: Max Records, Laura Fraser, and Christopher Lloyd Plot: A troubled teen with homicidal red flags takes on new fascination when his town is targeted by a serial killer. Review: As we… Continue reading

The Pull List: 9/21/2016


Buzz-worthy books of the week Astonishing Ant-Man #12 The culmination of this new series comes to a stopping point as Ant-Man is put on trial. Marvel die-hards should definitely check out this book.… Continue reading

5 Characters That Should Be In ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2


Jessica Jones has a pretty shallow supporting character roster. It consisted mostly of cameos from other superheroes. She dated Ant-Man, went to school with Spider-Man, married Luke Cage, and was best friends with Carol… Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘Hell or High Water’


Directed by: David Mackenzie Starring: Chris Pine, Ben Foster, and Jeff Bridges Plot: A Texas Ranger chases a couple of bank robbing brothers. Review: I honestly didn’t think much of this movie when I first saw… Continue reading

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