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Top 10 Supporting Characters in the MCU


I thought this would be an easy one, that I’d easily pick out 10. But when you go back through the films and TV shows there’s been an amazing line up of actors and… Continue reading

Why ‘Civil War’ Shows Marvel Needs to Up The Stakes in the MCU


  I make no bones about my love of DC over Marvel. Whether fairly or unfairly, some critics have been accused of having a DC or Marvel bias when it comes to reviewing… Continue reading

LEGO Keeps Spoiling Marvel Movies – Including ‘Civil War’


There’s a very strange trend happening in regards to movie spoilers the past few years. There’s been an ongoing habit by Denmark based plastic brick production powerhouse of dropping big spoilers for the… Continue reading

The Significance of Black Panther In The MCU & Beyond


                                     Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, Superman & Thor. Each one of these superheroes has various… Continue reading

The Geekery Guide: Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe


No ‘Age of Ultron’ Spoilers in this article. You may have noticed that movies and television shows based on comics have exploded in quality and popularity this past couple of years. If not,… Continue reading