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Top 15 Cover Songs From ‘Like a Version’


Cover songs are a risky venture for musicians as the listeners are either going to love you or hate you for it. Sometimes they’re so good that they surpass the original like Hendrix’s… Continue reading

Top 10 Video Game Themes that Enhance the Player Experience


Video games have had a long and rich history and like cinema it uses a combination audio and visual elements to create entertainment. The quality of the graphics has always been a selling… Continue reading

Funk’s Top 10 Favourite Songs by ‘The Beatles’


Today marks two anniversaries – it as been 32 years since the death of John Winston Lennon, founding member of the The Beatles, easily the greatest musical group in history. It is also… Continue reading

Coolest Covers from my Vinyl Collection


Easily the best thing about collecting vinyl records is the cool packaging you get with it. I like CDs for their small storing size and occasional sweet extensive liner notes, but they pale next to… Continue reading

20 Dumbest Names of Music Genres


There are an alarming amount of just plain bullshit names for musical genres. Some have even wormed their way into the societal vernacular, and we forget just how bad and generally nonsensical they… Continue reading

Top 10 Songs Performed in Movies (That Aren’t From Musicals)


Movies entertain us as both visually and audibly, and it’s easy for audience members to under-appreciate the role that music can play in making up the complete experience of a movie. This is,… Continue reading