Creating the Perfect Halloween Soundtrack

We now reach the seasons when the nights begin earlier and carved up gourds lit by candle light adorn people’s front  it doors, I personally like to believe it is the most wonderful time of the year. And like every other great moment, the Halloween season deserves a great soundtrack. Unfortunately, unlike Christmas where earlier and earlier every year every radio station you find is not going to be playing music to get you into the season’s spirit. In order to aid those who are looking to throw a killer costume party, build a haunted house, or just enjoy relaxing and taking in the joy of Halloween I have a few tips that will help you build the best playlist just in time for Halloween.


Movie and TV Themes: The piece of music that is synonymous with the holiday is without a doubt John Carpenter’s  score for his aptly titled classic film Halloween. While haunting and effective in building dread, the tune is quite beautiful and enjoyable; it may seem like every Halloween party and haunted house utilizes it but there is a reason for it; the song works. If you happen to be throwing a party I suggest you consider one of the many remixes in order to best get your revelers on the dance floor. In this same spirit I also recommend the theme from the Munsters with its fun retro stylings it is almost made for boogeying. Of course there are the standard favorites for the occasion from the movies; “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Ray Parker Jr.’s theme from Ghostbusters and the ever popular “Time Warp” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. If scaring others is more in line with your plans remember mood is everything. The theme from Halloween will work but the creepy and haunting score from A Nightmare on Elm Street will probably serve you better, as your victims will practically be able to visualize Freddy Kruger’s boiler room upon hearing it. Tunes from the small screen may also help out as the opening themes from the X-Files and the underrated Are You Afraid of the Dark will also add immensely to any creepy setting.

Nekromantix: Any song from this Danish punk band’s discography would be the perfect fit for the dance floor of any Halloween party. Blending an old school rockabilly sound with over the top horror themed lyrics, the band consistently delivers the fun. An edgier alternative would be the more metal inspired Murderdolls whom take their influence from a wide array of horror flicks.

Rob Zombie: Before he was trying to destroy the holiday with his terrible remake of John Carpenter’s classic, Rob Zombie made horror-themed music which gained fans outside of the realm of horror fanatics. The heavy metal icon’s ode to the Munster’s Dragula and his ever popular “Living Dead Girl” are staples among headbangers and horror fans as well as many of his songs from his days in White Zombie.

Voltaire: Playing cabaret music with a gothic tongue-in-cheek style has made Voltaire a favorite among many horror fans. This unique musician has gained a cult following with a wide array of people with his twisted and strangely fun songs. Many may be familiar with his work from the cartoon series The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.


“Thriller”: If you are at any kind of Halloween get together ever and this song is not played you know something has gone wrong. Regardless of your feelings about the controversial pop singer, Michael Jackson crafted a fun song that fits with the spookiest time of the year and yet is incredibly fun and entertaining. The success of the song is due in no small part to the memorable music video crafted by John Landis as well as the vocal work of horror legend, Vincent Price.