Top 10 ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes (6th and 7th Doctor Edition)

Now that we’ve worked our way through the final seasons of the classic series it’s time to compile the relevant Top 10. As these two versions of the character had shorter than usual runs we’ve rolled them together for this edition.

#10 – Timelash


The bulk of the action centred around a ‘time corridor’, an interesting concept within the realm of the show. Including some interesting villains with links to the Loch Ness Monster and H.G. Wells along for the ride this is an imaginative and fun story.

#9 – The Ultimate Foe

The Ultimate Foe

At the conclusion of the ‘Trail of a Time Lord’ marathon story the Doctor faces off against an evil version of himself from the future. After the long run of goofy looking aliens and whatnot it’s a much more threatening foe for the Doctor to face.

#8 – Survival


In what would turn out to be the final story of the original series, after an impressive 26 seasons, the Doctor and Ace find themselves on another planet where humans are hunter but cheetah mutants. With Ace’s humanity as risk and her old friends already on the chopping block it’s a tense adventure in spite of some low budget effects.

#7 – Mindwarp


The strongest part of the ‘Trail of the Time Lord’ series has the Doctor looking back on what happened to his companion Peri. Through the course of the episode we have alien slug creatures Sil and Kiv trying to transfer Kiv’s mind into another body. The ending is shocking to say the least.

#6 – Paradise Towers

Paradise Towers

Sometimes it’s the small scale ideas that work best. Finding an apartment block that has been cut off from the outside world the Doctor and Mel learn about the ecosystem of gangs, psychos and cannibals who compete for control. Interesting stuff.

#5 – Battlefield


Certainly one for the fans. The return of Bessie is nifty, but the final appearance of Nicholas Courtney as the Brig is a big moment. With a huge story featuring invading medieval knights wielding high tech weaponry it’s an excellant farewell to a character who has suffered the quirks of the Doctor for two decades.

#4 – Silver Nemesis

Silver Nemesis

One paper this sounds like lunacy, but that is part of the fun. Landing on Earth in 1988 the Doctor and Ace become embroiled in a conflict between Neo-Nazis and a 17th Century sorceress. Just when things can’t get any crazier the Cybermen get mixed into the fray (a late addition to the script to make the silver anniversary of the show). Action packed and plenty of fun.

#3 – Remembrance of the Daleks

Rememberance of the Daleks

Most Dalek episodes are done well, with the unstoppable menace of the evil pepper pots also a genuine threat. With conflicting Daleks and Ace taking one to pieces wit a baseball bat this was a cracker. Plus, they flew for the first time!

#2 – Ghost Light

Ghost Light

An early example of horror in Doctor Who, this creepy mansion sees buried UFOs, evolution based experiments and the personification of Light turning up at the end. A well thought out story that allows Ace to delve into her past while plenty of great science-fiction happens around it.

#1 – The Mark of the Rani

Mark of the Rani

Most of the Doctor’s enemies are alien or mechanical based – Daleks, Cybermen, Silurians, Sontarans, etc. The Master stood out as one of the genuine arch-foes who appear in human form (although he is a Time Lord). The Rani seemed to up the ante by bringing another nutbag time traveller to the party, one who keeps T-Rex foetuses in her TARDIS. Sadly she never appeared after two serials because she was a great villain who worked brilliantly with the Master.