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Movie Review: ‘Beasts of No Nation’


  Plot:  When civil war approaches a small West African village, many of the townspeople are forced to flee to the capital for sanctuary.  Among those is the family of a adolescent boy… Continue reading

Netflix Doco Binge: Gaming is Fun! (‘Atari: Game Over’ and ‘Indie Game: The Movie’)


Ah, the mid-year marking and reporting nightmare is at an end! That means this is the last delve into docos for the time being. We’ve already covered Nerd Culture, Porn, Internet Makers and… Continue reading

Netflix Doco Binge – Love, Sex and Immigration


So it’s another marking week, which means more documentaries! Recently we’ve looked at people who helped make the internet, nerd culture and, of course, porn (weirdly the one with the least likes and comments,… Continue reading

New TV Shows to Watch Now ‘Game of Thrones’ is Done for the Year


Holy shit, did you see the Game of Thrones finale?! With the Dothraki…and that bit with Ayra…and JON SNOW!…and Stannis fighting the Boltons…and…and… What do we watch now? We’ve gone and checked out a… Continue reading