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Ten Improved Versions of the ‘Entourage’ Finale


This year saw the popular HBO series come to an end after almost eight years on the air. It was never the most complex or thought provoking of television entertainment, focusing on the… Continue reading

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Hates Geeks


‘The Big Bang Theory’ is the most successful of the recent pop-culture trend towards geek culture. The show centres around a group of four geeks and the non-geek girl who lives across the… Continue reading

‘Arrested Development’ Season 4?


Let’s bring the uninitiated up to speed, shall we? Eight years ago Fox launched an off-beat sitcom about a dysfunctional family called ‘Arrested Development’ and it was one of the funniest things to… Continue reading

Just Meet Their Freak’n Mother Already!!!


Last week saw ‘How I Met Your Mother’ launch its seventh season – a good run for any television show. When you’ve made the premise of the show based around a big reveal… Continue reading