Ten Stops in the TARDIS

I’ve recently begun watching a little show called Doctor Who (you may have heard about it). The central focus of the show are the adventures of an alien traveler in the TARDIS, which allows him to travel through time and space. Like many geeks I have often wondered about what I would do with access to such a device. Whilst the answers are virtually unlimited, I’ve narrowed it down to my first ten, must visit times and places. Cue the sound effects…
1. 1985, Skywalker Ranch, California: Just a quick stop to abduct George Lucas.
2. Crataceous Period: I wanna see some dinosaurs! Must remember to take the camera and swabs to collect DNA. Not only will I have to coolest photo album ever, I can bring back the goods to make myself a couple of pet dinos. Leave George Lucas behind.
3. November 22nd, 1963, Dallas, Texas: Scope out the grassy knoll, see if there’s anyone there out of curiousity. Also try and grab the Babushka Lady’s camera. This mysterious figure has a camera going at just the right place to shed light on the conspiracy, but she was never seen again.
4. 1922, London: attend the opening night of the Globe Theatre. Must remember to get a tetanus shot, or twelve, beforehand.
5. 1AD, Golgotha: although I’m not religious, I was brought up being told that God and Jesus were plain fact. I’d like to see this dude in action, and hang around his cave to see if he’d come back. If he can teach me the water to wine trick, bonus.
6. 1503, Italy: there’s plenty to see and do in during the Renaissance, but during this particular year I can see what was happening with the Mona Lisa.
7. March 15th, 44BC, Rome: take in a spectacle at the Coliseum, before swinging by the senate for the murder of Julius Caesar. Maybe give Brutus a kick in the nards for being a douche.
8. 292BC, Rhodes: check out the Colossus of Rhodes before it got all shook up. It was difficult to pick out one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and this captured my imagination as a child.
9. 1970, London, BBC studios: grab copies of all the ‘Doctor Who’ episodes that would eventually be lost or destroyed and bring them back to 2011 to have them digitally restored and backed up. Seems only fair since I’ve using the TARDIS that I do something right by the Doctor.
10. July 20th, 2012: Attend the premiere of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.