‘Arrested Development’ OFFICIALLY Returns!

After five long years, Fox have finally acknowledged that cancelling the low rating, critically acclaimed show after constant fan support, escalating DVD sales and many, many rumours. Jason Batemand and Michael Cera reaching for the A-List in Hollywood no doubt helped along their decision as well. Let’s hope NBC are taking this in and keep ‘Community’ airing to avoid being in the same situation in give years.

As promised the new series with feature an episode focused on each character, bringing viewers but up to speed with what they’re up to, before a movies wraps things up for good. The entire cast has confirmed their involvement so expect to see all the Bluths return – Michael, George Michael, George Sr., Lucille, Buster, Gob, Lindsey, Tobias and Maeby. Not yet confirmed is how many of the regular guest stars, such as Henry Winkler, will be returning, although ever-present narrator Ron Howard has stated that he “can’t wait to get back on the microphone”.

For fans of the show who need a refresher…