‘The Loved Ones’ DVD Review

Director: Sean Byrne

Starring: Xavier Samuels, Robin McLeavy

Plot: A teenage boy, struggling with the death of his father and home life, finds himself trapped in a nightmare when the girl he turned down for a prom date reveals her murderous intentions.

Review: A delightfully barmy and demented Aussie horror offering that manages to illicit smirks of humour from the derenged lunacy happening on screen. Not that this is a horror comedy by any means – simply that the situation is handled it just the right manner to have the viewer stare in disbelief when they should be turning away.

When small town guy (Xavier Samuels) turns down the school wall flower as a date for the prom he is unaware that he is toying with an unhinged mind. Working in conjunction with her equally unbalanced father, she kidnaps her crush and stages her own prom at home – the types that includes kitchen knives being pounded into feet and home-style lobotomies involving power drills. It boils down to John Hughes as done by Eli Roth if Eli Roth was as talented as he thinks he is. Most movies trying to go for the ‘disturbing suburbia’ can take it over the top and make it look silly – such as The House of 1000 Corpses, whilst this offering allows the creepiness to slowly unfold, revealing elements of incest and a much longer running killing spree than initially hinted at, allowing the disturbing nature of the film to build up to bursting point.

Much of the success of the film comes from Robin McLeavy as the delightfully deranged Princess. Scary as hell, she has the chops and presence to pull the role of and carry the film.