‘Community’ Already Under the Axe?

Remember when The Big Bang Theory was a little known sitcom with a dedicated viewership before it exploded into mainstream popularity which cemented it’s place on television for years to come. The third season is a make-it-or-break-it season for sitcoms. You either become a massive hit and unfunny dumbasses repeat your catchphrases non-stop for months or you face the axe.

That brings us to Community. It’s a brilliant sitcom. Bloody brilliant. The actors have amazing chemistry, the relationships between the characters is sharp and funny, the meta-pop-culture jokes and genius and it even has catchphrases (side-note: my son started saying ‘coolcool’ today!). It’s a bit left of centre and doesn’t have Jason Segal so it isn’t pulling in the big ratings yet. Popular, yes, but not multi-million dollar syndication popular. But you can feel it. Every day some else starts gushing about how much they love it and post the Spanish Rap in Facebook. And it’s the magical third season.

So you can understand how pissed all the fans were when it was announced today that NBC is shelving it mid-season in favour of 30Rock. Now I like 30Rock, but you’re going kill Community just as it becomes a massive hit! You’re pissing off the viewers and losing out on a bunch of money! MONEY! You love money! 30Rock is already a proven hit – but there’s other things you can get rid off. Like Whitney, which is sitting on 20% approval and is described by critics as “completely uninspired”.

We need to tell NBC that this shit will not stand. That it will not benefit us or them if Community becomes the next Arrested Development. Remember that show? It was a bit left of centre and didn’t have Jason Segal and got the axe mid-season 3, just like Community. Then what happened – massive DVD sales, escalating fanbase, launching the careers of Jason Bateman and Michael Cera and being brought back for a new series AND a movie! You let it go now NBC, and you’re letting go of that kinda success.

After this scene you will never stop watching.

I’m writing them the following email. Feel free to copy/paste it if you’re in a hurry and go HERE to send it to them. Don’t tell me this is pointless – Family Guy was canned after three seasons until fan support brought it back.

Dear NBC

Today I heard that Community was getting shelved. This news turned me into this:

And that’s not a metaphor. I am now a sad otter. As much as I enjoy frolicking in the water, it makes it difficult to recommend the show to my friends and spend money on Community DVDs and official merchandise. The only way this curse can be broken is if you keep the show on air. Take something else off for 30Rock – like Whitney, no-one likes that.

If you take Community off the air you’re just going to create another Arrested Development scenario with angry fans and eventual renewal at a point when you can’t make any money of it.



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