Batman: Arkham 3 Clues Uncovered in Arkham City

About six months after the release of the awesome Batman: Arkham Asylum the game designers had started to get worried. They went to the trouble of hiding a clue to the second game, Arkham City, within the asylum and nobody had found it. Turns out that they’d over-estimated gamers everywhere and hidden it so well that nobody had managed to find it (granted, finding it means doing something that you never do at any point in the game is a select location – only a very special mind would’ve found it). Eventually they revealed the secret themselves, unlocking a secret room containing Quincy Sharpe’s blueprints for the Arkham City complex.

When the sequel blinded us with its amazingness we were ready. We weren’t going to let Rocksteady make us look like fools, we were going to examine that prison from top to bottom until we found…what? You’ve turned all the clues into side missions?

Never mind then.

Many of the side missions and some of The Riddler’s puzzles seem to be building up to a story that hasn’t happened yet. Several of the side missions require a bit of time and effort to complete only for the villain to do a runner and Batman to close the case on unanswered questions. So let’s take a look at what to expect when Batman returns…

(I’d like to think that it’s obvious that this is going to contain spoilers and I don’t need to say it, but I know people with complain if I don’t. So: Spoiler Warning.)


Amid all the promotion for ‘Arkham City’ we were introduced to a massive cast of characters who’d be returning or being introduced in this new chapter. What we didn’t suspect was that there were still multiple characters kept under wraps until the player ran into them. One of these characters was Hush. At the conclusion of the ‘Identity Theft’ missions Batman learns that the person neatly slicing the faces of various in-mates is his childhood friend turned sociopath murderer Thomas Elliot aka ‘Hush’. Batman confronts him only to learn that he’d performed plastic surgery on himself to make him look like Bruce Wayne. And then…that’s it. Why’d he do it? What’s he got planned for his new face? This is too big a plot development simply to be left hanging – so expect to learn of Hush’s plan is in the next game!

"Bruce Wayne is covered in disfiguring scars, right?"


Like Hush, Azrael is a character who wasn’t revealed prior to the game being released. He is first spotted early on, observing Batman from rooftops throughout the story only to vanish in a puff of smoke leaving behind a mysterious symbol. Eventually finding and decoding each of these leads to a short conversation with the mysterious masked man where he speaks, in a cryptic tone, about the Secret Order of Dumas and their their upcoming prophecy about Batman. There’s simply no reason to drop this information on the player unless it’s just a hint as to what’s to come.



Huh. Didn’t expect that. Quite a nice twist of course, and a more impressive final villain then a terminally ill clown and an uptight psychiatrist. Now that he’s been beaten down by Batman, that’s the last we’ll see of him, right? Except that he slipped into the Lazurus Pit upon death. I wonder what effect that’ll have on his clay powers?

"Have you tried this new mud facial?" Boom tish.

Black Mask

This character has been rising in prominence in the comic world, having recently become the head of organised crime in Gotham and Joker’s rival in sadistic savagery. He’s one of the first characters to appear in the bios in ‘Arkham City’, but never turns up. It’s later revealed, by solving Riddler puzzles, that he’s the only criminal to escape the walls of Arkham City. So what’s he been up to? It’s likely that we’ve got our next end boss right here.

Harley Quinn

This may come as a surprise, but Harley is a little unhinged. I know, right? I somehow get the impression that she’s not going to accept Batman’s explanation as to how The Joker met his demise in the Monarch Theatre and will now be gunning for the Dark Knight with a fury we’ve not yet seen. Leaving her child fatherless is bound to make her see red. What? Oh yes, next time you’re in the Steel Mill, find the room with Harley’s old costume and look closely at the desk next to it…


The Falcone Family

When Bruce Wayne first strapped on his tights and went out to biff some baddies he wasn’t chasing down demented clowns and deformed nutjobs but your everyday, run of the mill mobsters. The Falcone’s were the most powerful family in Gotham until the spandex crowd showed up but that doesn’t mean they don’t still have what it takes. Arkham City contains many references to the Falcone’s, explaining that they headed out of town to avoid being thrown into the prison, and gave a bit of history to them. Now that the big names have been taken down, this could lead to a power struggle between Black Mask and the Falcone’s as they both try and claim Gotham. This could also see the appearance of vigilante The Huntress.

The Scarecrow

After his memorable and mind-blowing assault on Batman in the asylum, Jonathan Crane was lying low in the City. A bit of detective work, however, will uncover his hideout where he’s been conducting his experiments. One thing in clear – he seems to be finding a new way to distribute his fear toxin. The password to his hide-out is ‘City of Terror’ – which lends another clue as to what we can expect.

You know you want to see more of this guy.

The Earthquakes

Brief mention is made of ‘unnatural’ earthquakes shaking up the land around Gotham. This could be a lead into the ‘No Mans Land’ story that saw Gotham being quarantined and turning into a massive gangland empire – something that would be a logical step up from Arkham City.

The future of the series?

Whatever they want to throw at us, I am already anticipating greatness!