‘Where’s the Doctor’ Book

So I was walking past the bookshop during my lunch break today. Usually when passing by the bookshop I try not to look because it often leads to all the money flying out of the Batwallet and turning into books I don’t have the shelfspace for. But this book was special. I’ve recently become a ‘Doctor Who’ fanatic, so it had that going in it’s favour. Then I noticed that it was a ‘Doctor Who’ spin on ‘Where’s Wally’ (Waldo for our stateside readers). I don’t think a single thought passed through my mind between spotting and purchasing – it was all on geek reflex.

So after some time staring at the pages looking for little Doctor’s and TARDIS’ among the hordes of Ood and Cybermen and getting very little work done, I found that the modestly priced book is good value given how cheap it is. The pictures are simple and quirky and there’s plenty for fans to find. You won’t find it as detailed or as challenging as the ‘Where’s Wally/Waldo’ books or the recent ‘Find Bin Laden’, but worth a bit of your time.