Fitness for Geeks!

You’re a geek. You want to spend your time immersed in your geekery. Watching TV and movies, surfing the internet, writing fanfic, gaming, building ships in bottles – whatever your interest is you have to admit that geek related hobbies do not lend themselves to a healthy lifestyle. And really, who cares about health and exercise? It’s not going to help us play Playstation – except for the PS Move, but no-one wants to play that. Comic books don’t judge us or our habits. Eventually though you have to face facts – there are reasons to get off the couch and get into shape. Even for geeks.

This is you.

Endurance: You’re at the end of a Doctor Who marathon, but you can’t get through the final episode. You’re 100 pages from the end of a ‘Song of Fire and Ice’ book and your eyes are drooping. You’re in line for the midnight release of ‘Modern Warfare 3’ but if you nod off you lose your place. Endurance is the key and the better shape you’re in, the better equipped you are for those long haul sessions!

Missing Out: The Avengers is coming out in a week! You’ve been waiting YEARS for this! It’s just a pity you had a coronary! Pity you didn’t put the yards in at the gym while you had the chance! Stay in shape now, and you’ve increased your changes of seeing what the future holds.

Rule #1: When the zombies eventually turn up – or any other major disaster strikes – Zombieland has taught us that the fatties will go first. Get you’re cardio level ready to face the apocalypse or you’re the appetizer on the undead menu!

So we have reasons to get into shape. But have you tried exercise? I can be freak’n boring. Here’s a few geek tips to help keep you motivated…

Level Up! Why do you keep on grinding through the same fights again and again in ‘World of Warcraft’ and ‘Battlefield 3’? Because you’re addicted to leveling up. Admit it – that little sense of achievement is great. Simply apply the same system to your gym sessions. Think of every extra weight on the barbell or five minutes on the treadmill you achieve as a Level Up! and you’ll be surprised at how far you can push yourself.

Your Smartphone: I’m assuming that if you read this website, you have this miraculous little gadgets. No doubt you have discovered that you can watch videos on these. Prop it up on the handlebars of a stationary bike, pop in the headphones and watch ‘Iron Man’. Time will fly past.

‘Paranoid’ App: Download this onto your iphone and use it when you go joking. Through an audio feed and on screen display this puts you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Your contact urges you to keep running while the sounds of shuffling and moaning get louder and your screen shows a radar how close they are. Designed to add a bit of excitement to a morning run, it can make or break the extra couple of miles.

Rewards! Don’t set a big goal that’ll take a year to reach. Set little goals like losing five kilos or reaching a weight level on the dumb-bell and give yourself a small reward – such as a DVD set you’ve had an eye on – when you reach it. Having something to work towards in the coming weeks gives you greater motivation that straining away for months on end. Also: make them rewards, not punishments. Not seeing a movie on the first night because you didn’t make your goal will just demotivate you.

Plus there’s also the improved self-confidence, strength and that lovely little spike in endorphins that follows each workout, but those things don’t help you get out the door. But those things aren’t very geeky. Stick to the apps and videos.