Who’s The Best Batman?

Batman: The Animated Series

Michael Keaton: Best Batman the Man
Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992)

Michael Keaton was the original and he brought the most humanity to the character of Batman. He was the man you wanted to get to know as Bruce Wayne more than just as Batman. He inspired people to think that everyday citizens can be superheroes too.

Val Kilmer: Best Batman the Superhero
Batman Forever (1995)

Val Kilmer was quite handsome in 1995 wasn’t he? He had the right look; aristocratic bone structure, composure under pressure, and he definitely cut a nice figure in his suit. Kilmer was the best superhero because had it all; the mysterious persona, tortured back story, awesome weapons, hott girlfriend and even a side-kick.

George Clooney: Best Batman as Bruce Wayne
Batman and Robin (1997)

One look at George Clooney’s face says it all. He had the most charisma, the most charm, and probably got the most ladies. If you picture Bruce Wayne as more of a playboy than a tortured soul then Clooney is for you. I mean, there were nipples on his Batsuit, c’mon.

Christian Bale: Best Batman the Badass
Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008)

Samurai skills? Check. Military gear? Check. Morgan Freeman? Check. Bale had the muscles (who can forget the push-up scene), the weaponry (secret military grade), and the desire to hurt bad guys in creative ways. Bale took Batman to a whole new level.

So what do you think? Is Adam West actually the best Batman? Or is Alfred better than them all?

by Jamie