Future Batman Movie Villains

With success that Christopher Nolan has had with the Batman gravy train there is little doubt that the Hollywood suits are gonna wanna keep the franchise rolling.

The Riddler: As obsessed with tricking and mind warping the audience as he is I’m surprised this green clad criminal never popped up in Chris Nolan’s trilogy. He is a character who like Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow would make up for his lack of being a physical challenge by being a great mental challenge, cast someone who can play ruthless with a certain sense of joy and glee about being  dangerously clever and you’ve got a memorable movie villain.

Mr. Freeze: As a fanbase we must purge fully the memory of Ah-nuld in a bulky suit. The character would be a hard fit for Nolan’s realistic Batverse, but once the trilogy wraps up filmmakers are free to what they will. Freeze would be the perfect villain to serve as a reflection to the Dark Knight, a hero who strives to purge his emotions encounters a threat who has truly mastered his emotions.

The Penguin: Another surprising omission from the Nolan movies. Get rid of the quacking and make him a physically mutated East End thug who moves to Gotham to establish his own criminal empire.

The Council of Owls: The most recent adversary to the Batman rogues gallery. Not a good fit for an origin story, but perfect to face a Batman at the height of his career and cockiness. A mysterious organization that has been ruling Gotham City for centuries beneath the nose of everyone. When a group like this thinks Batman has made too many waves in their city it is inevitable for them to react. The scene where a broken Batman finds himself surrounded by a group in formal attire with their faces covered in creepy masks while the Talon awaits the chance to finish off Batman would be worth the admission price in of itself.

Poison Ivy: Batman definitely has his roots in old pulp and noir stories and every good tale of that kind  needs a scene stealing femme fatale and there are two characters that fit this role Catwoman and Poison Ivy. The feline themed anti hero will be featured already this summer and that leaves Poison ivy waiting to be seen. Ivy lacks the moral ambiguity of Catwoman and instead opts to be unquestionably evil and would be great fun. And from a business aspect (Hollywood suits’ favorite aspect) a gorgeous red head in green tights would sell tickets faster than the Batmobile driving to McDonalds.

The Ventriloquist: Since Batflicks have a habit of featuring two villains this character would be enjoyable to fit in. Mr. Vesker does not have the power ti be the main villain in a Batman movie but he does have a certain creepiness that would play well on the screen.

Deadshot: For a more action packed Batflick this villain would be perfect. Matching Batman’s fighting ability perfectly but without a moral code, so he uses his skills for profit. Create a movie where Bats has to protect one of his targets and clashes with the master killer often and you got the recipe for nonstop entertainment.