Avengers Month: The Ideal Avengers Team

Throughout the many decades of assembling, the Avengers the only constant has been huge threats and line up changes. As the team grows and changes every team member is meant to be an asset, but it’s not always the case. In order for the Avengers to truly be Earth’s Mightiest Heroes every person there has to bring their own set of unique strengths to make the group the best.

Captain America: An obvious pick, the World War II hero is synonymous with the Avengers. In a team with gods and billionaires and kings egos can run high at times, and the only one who can command respect and maintain order is the man with the shield.

Iron Man: Another obvious choice for the team. Tony Stark has every resource the team would need at his disposal; technology, knowledge, and money. Not only that but he has connections with some very powerful people and can act as the team’s public face and spokesman.

Thor: The third part of the Avengers’ triumvirate. Every team needs a heavy hitter who can bring the thunder and Thor does it literally. Plus having a deity from a time long ago would add a dose of grandiose to the team and provide the possibility for some epic story arcs given his fantastical heritage.

Spiderman: Though not many were thrilled when the Webhead originally joined the team, he has proven time and again that he belongs there at the table. Spidey has always been the everyman of the Marvel heroes, and in the Avengers he provides the perspective of the readers who have a hard time relating to super soldiers and African royalty. He also serves as an asset due to his connections in the super hero world, having built strong relationships with the likes of; Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, and many other heroes who they team may need to turn to for help.

Ms Marvel: For the past couple of years she has been on the brink of going over and becoming the next big Marvel character. Carol Danvers has a loyal fanbase that is always growing, and all Marvel needs to do to ensure her popularity is put her on their best team and have her hold her own.

Dr. Strange: The good doctor has had some ups and downs in his life lately, but a spot on the Avengers would give him a bold new direction. In the spot of prominence that they are in, the team is bound to encounter some threats of a magical or supernatural origin and those would be the moments when Strange would shine.

Luke Cage: Remember a couple of years ago when everyone thought Captain America was dead and Norman Osborne took everything over via his organization HAMMER? Who was the one guy who held the Avengers together as they were forced underground during this dark time? Wolverine? Spidey? Nope, it was the Hero for Hire himself.  Being a regular family man from the inner city with a tough as nails attitude and a clear sense of morality, Cage could easily be the breakout star of the team.

Black Panther: When Geoff Johns was enjoying a successful run writing the Avengers one of the most entertaining characters on the team was, the Black Panther. As the king of Wakanda, Panther could bring an sense of legitimacy to the Avengers on an international stage. Plus the ego driven banter between him and Tony Stark would be priceless.

Black Widow:  Despite how grand and epic their adventures become, the Avengers will always need someone to handle their dirty work in a secretive manner, and Widow is perfect for that job. With expertise in weapons as well as hand-to-hand combat, she could provide some memorable fight scenes for the fans. Despite a lack of super powers she has always stood on the same level as the likes of Iron Man and Spidey and that alone means she belongs on the team.

Hawkeye: Always a fan favorite the famed archer has always shined his brightest when on the team with the other great Marvel heroes. Plus with Jeremy Renner playing him he’s going to have a whole new group of fans clamoring to see him in action.