Worst Mothers in Movie History

Yes Mother’s Day is upon us again and in honor of our maternal figures here’s a reminder that no matter how bad our mother’s were there are far worse ones out there.

Mrs. Bates (Psycho): It takes a special kind of crazy to force your son to accept your authority even after you’ve joined the choir invisible. Mrs. Bates kept her son, Norman on a short and tough leash and as you all probably know that even after passing Norman kept her in the fruit cellar and dressed in her clothes in order to maintain her brutal and muderous authority over his life and those looking to check in for the night.

Joan Crawford (Mommy Dearest): An obvious inclusion to the list. A crazed alcoholic who adopted her daughter Christina for publicity reason, Dunaway’s performance is so over the top that she sells it. Though the facts about the portrayal of Hollywood legend, Crawford have been disputed, this movie stands as a classic and it goes to show you never write your children out of your will or they will get you back.

Margaret White (Carrie): Another of the silver screen’s most memorable mothers for all the wrong reasons. I remember once reading that in a good novel the characters are the best at something; like Sam Spade is the best Private Investigator or Quint is the best shark hunter, and it also gave the example of Margaret White as being the best at being a religious psycho. At a very difficult and emotional time in her teenage daughter’s life she decided being a supportive parent was the wrong way to go and instead tormented her child into loving her.

Mum (Mum & Dad): What better way to raise good children than to kidnap employees from the airport and torturing them with glee until they are brainwashed into going along with you as part of the family. Along with her brutal husband, Dad they keep their family together through whatever mean necessary.

Mama Fratelli (The Goonies): Following the time honored film tradition of tough as nails maternal gangsters is Mama Fratelli. A woman who had no qualms about dropping her poor son Sloth on his head twice as well as tormenting a group of children who are merely hunting for treasure.