E3 2013 Trailer Roundup: Day One

By Hedge

Where necessary, I’ll have a little commentary. Otherwise just sit back and enjoy these trailers from day one of E32013

Halo 5 – XBOne Exclusive

If you didn’t expect a Halo game to be announced for Microsoft’s new console,you probably live in a swampland shack. The trailer really tells us nothing, but Halo teasers never do. A desert planet? A lonesome Chief? A big-ass flying Forerunner owl-mech?


I could not be more excited for this game if I tried. The scope, the beauty, the intricacies of the level design. This is the game I am buying a PS4 to play.

The Division – PS4 and XBOne

From Ubisoft and Massive, and baring the title of Tom Clancy’s The Division, this third-person tactical shooter looks freaking amazing. Set in an open world New York (including, it should be noted, Brooklyn where the demo was actually based) the game has the player take the role of a member of The Division, who are tasked with restoring order, best they can, following a major pandemic across the United States. The trailer is pretty doom and gloom but the demo below shows actual gameplay footage.

In a word; spectacular.

Note the climate effects, and ambient world building. The game looks simply gorgeous and is, as the insert confirms, running on a PS4 (with one user playing on a tablet, which seems later to allow him to enter the game as an aerial drone, and assist the console players). The HUD and UI are seamlessly integrated into the world and that map, that map is probably my Favourite Gaming Thing This Week™ – no longer are we moving sprites and waypoints around a two dimensional representation of the world – we’re moving our character, the character itself is exploring the map as they would in-world.

Like the Dead Space GPS before it; such novel wayfinding really gets my interest up.

Dead Rising 3 – XBOne exclusive

I’m not so certain about this one myself. Don’t get me wrong, it looks great but it doesn’t actually look anything like the prior games in the franchise. Gone is the B-Horror atmosphere, the bright and quirky visuals, the sense of fun, of frivolity. In it’s place are “gritty realism” and “visceral action”.

Don’t get me wrong, it looks fun and as a Microsoft exclusive (not timed PS4 fans, as Microsoft is the publisher, only the XBOne will be getting this one) but as one Kotaku commenter put it, they’ve RE6’d this one.

Killer Instinct – XBOne Exclusive

Back after a million years, Killer Instinct returns as an Xbox One exclusive. This whole presentation left a sour taste in my mouth, after the inappropriate comments of one presenter. Aside from that though, it looks from this glimpse like a pretty run of the mill fighter. The game is also, apparently, free to play upon the launch of the console but only with one playable character. The rest you’ll have to buy.

Is this a new trend in Games marketplace releases? Are we about to be microtransacted into the ground by the Redmond behemoth?

Mirrors Edge 2 – PS4 and XBOne

I personally really liked Mirror’s Edge, although the first-person platforming got a little janky at times and some of the sequences required almost soul destroyingly complicated timing. Some have speculated this may be a prequel, given the youthful look of Faith and the scenes of her initially getting her trademark tattoos done.

The game will be released on PS4 and Xbox One sometime before the release of the next generation of consoles. Probably.

BATMAN: Arkham Origins – PS4 and XBOne

One night, eight assassins, the city of Gotham and the Bat. This new trailer gives us some gameplay footage and confirms a few new characters. Gotta say it’s looking nice and even without Conroy and Hamill the voices are pretty excellent.

Final Fantasy XV – PS4 Exclusive

Not a fan of Final Fantasy myself, but I know there’s plenty of you out there and this new release might just tickle your fancy.

Kingdom Hearts 3 – PS4 Exclusive

With the recent acquisitions of Marvel and Lucasfilm by Disney, perhaps we’ll see new faces in this latest Kingdom Hearts escapade?

Destiny – PS4 and XBOne

From Bungie, their first post-Halo game.

Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag – PS4 and XBOne

Battlefield 4 – PS4 and XBOne

The Last Guardian – PS4 Exclusive

No footage available at the time of writing, although the game once again surfaced at this years E3. Is this confirmation, or just a long running joke?

The Order 1866 – PS4 Exclusive

A squad-based shooter, with supernatural and steampunk elements, set in an alternate-history Victorian London? Consider me interested.

Below – XBOne Exclusive

I’m not even sure what to say about this one. It certainly looks pretty and it’s got a great pedigree but we know very little about the game itself so far.