The Pull List: 4/30/2014

Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man #1 Peter Parker is back! Octo-Spidey has been fun, but it is good to have Peter back.  Avengers Avengers World #5 Avengers World takes a look at Manifold, former member of Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors and current Avenger. He is also a relative of the mutant, Gateway.  Flash Flash Annual #3 The new 52 debut of Wally West! Wally West is my favorite Flash. He was funny and exciting and his struggles to be his own man while living up to Barry Allen’s reputation made him a far greater character than Barry could ever be. The tease in the previous issue of The Flash made it sound like Wally’s survival would hold Barry’s future in the balance.  Batman Forever Evil Aftermath Batman vs. Bane #1 I usually don’t care much about these crossover extras, and if it was anything other than Batman and Bane facing off, I would never suggest it. But it is, so here we are. Bane took over as Gotham’s protector while Batman had his hands full during Forever Evil, but he Bane wasn’t an interim protector. He sees himself as the superior replacement, and he’s definitely not ready to just give it up. Ghotbusters Ghostbusters #15 Ghostbusters has a comic series. I don’t know if you knew that. I decided to check it out. It’s no where near as clever (and seriously with Harold Ramis or Bill Murray, how could it), but it is slightly more adventurous. It resembles something more like Buffy or Supernatural. If you like those kinds of things and need a new fix, this might work for you. Wolverine Origin II #5  This surprisingly awesome book bridging the gap between Wolverine walking into the woods in the first Origins and Wolverine being a badass spy and merc comes to an end this issue. Chronicling his first meeting with Sabretooth and Sinister, it really captures what made the first series so good. It’s not a classic superhero book. It’s something more like the Twilight Zone or Stephen King. Avengers  Uncanny Avengers Annual #1 This must be taking a break from the regular book which is actually taking place in an alternate timeline at the moment. Mojo brings together a group of supernatural heroes like Ghost Rider, Blade, Dr Strange, and what seems to be the very underrated Manphibian to make his own Avengers to put on display for his loyal viewers.