The Pull List: 6/25/2014

Must read comics for the week of 6/25/2014


Amazing Spider-Man #3

The Black Cat is out of prison (who was there in the first place because of Otto), and she has Spidey in her sights. She hasn’t been filled in on the fact that Otto had taken over Peter’s body, and I doubt she would care. She definitely is seeing red right now.


Batman #32

This issue is the penultimate issue of the Year Zero arc. The last issue was so crazy intense, I’m sure things will be ramping up pretty fast leading into the finale issue.


Cartoon Network Super Secret Crisis War #1

I know Cartoon Network has that video game of all their different characters fighting alongside each other. I’m too lazy to look up the name though ;). Obviously this is very much in the same vain. Aku, Samurai Jack’s demonic nemesis, brings together the villains of the Cartoon Network universe. So, obviously, the heroes must band together to stop them.

Justice League

 Justice League #31

So, the Justice League got rid of the Crime Syndicate,but Power Ring wasn’t so simple. Just like the Green Lantern rings, the Power Ring went looking for a new bearer, and now the Justice League must contend with her. 

Doctor Strange

New Avengers #20 and New Avengers Annual #1

How convenient. After all this Dr. Strange talk for weeks, what with a director, a screenwriter, and a shortlist of actors out in the ether, Doc Strange takes over both New Avengers and New Avengers Annual. He has been kind of drifting in the corners of the Illuminati stories. Having sold his soul for more power, I expect these issues to be pretty damn explosive.


Original Sin #3.1

Hold the phone! Back up! Tony Stark was involved with the accident that created the Hulk. The Hulk has been crying in his cereal about what Stark did to him in all the Original Sin stories since the eye exploded. I really can’t wait to see what Tony actually did. Did he make a mistake or was he actually a really big asshole?


Superman #32

A new chapter in the Superman mythos. Geoff Johns takes over the book. The book could use a rebirth. I really haven’t liked Superman since New 52. I stopped reading it pretty quick. I keep expecting to Johns to do with whatever book he is working on what he did with Green Lantern. He killed it on Aquaman but really dropped the ball on Justice League.


Uncanny Avengers #21

The big damn finale to what Remender has been working on since issue 1. In fact, its a ball he got rolling all the way back in Uncanny X-Force