The Pull List: 10/22/2014

Must read comics of the week


13 Coins #1

A new superhero title from Eisner winner artist, Simon Bisley tells the story of an ex-con who finds out he is descended from fallen angels.



Arkham Manor #1

After Arkham goes belly up in the pages of Batman Eternal (which I also think happens this week), Bruce Wayne volunteers Wayne Manor to house Gotham’s insane in the mean time. Countdown to someone finding the Batcave.


Batman Eternal #29

No, they haven’t forgotten about Batwing and Spectre stuck underneath Arkham. Their plot get picked up again this week just in time for the new Akrham title.



Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 #8

A special Halloween issue of Buffy’s newest comic series finds the Scooby Gang returning to Sunnydale and finding a Halloween party at the Hellmouth. What genius thought that was a good idea?


Father’s Day #1

A retired hitman who has finally found peace in his solace gets more than he can handle when his abandoned daughter tracks him down for some closure. That and the army of hitmen who followed her to her father.


Five Ghosts #13

Finally a new issue (and a new arc!). Issue 12 was back in June, and now with the news that it had been picked up as a TV show (at Syfy if I’m not mistaken), it’s nice to get back to the adventure.


Multiversity: The Just #1

Another off shoot from Grant Morrison’s multiple world crossover throws the spotlight on another world, one that progressed through time a little more than ours and the children of heroes and villains alike her seen as convenience store rack tabloid celebs.


TMNT/Ghostbusters #1

The team up of the century of New York’s finest heroes. On one side, there’s the karate chopping humanoid turtle brothers. On the other are the college professors turned blue-collar ghost exterminators, the Ghostbusters. I can’t wait to see what kind of villain requires they team up.