Exclusive Interview with Sarah Hagan!

Along with our Amber Benson interview we got to chat with Sarah Hagan, who was introduced to Buffy The Vampire Slayer audience in season 7 as a Potential. Having already been seen in Freaks and Geeks, Hagan is very familiar to fans of cult and genre television.

House of Geekery Sarah Hagan OzcomicCon

G-Funk: We’re here with the House of Geekery, again at Oz ComicCon Perth 2015. We’re talking to Sarah Hagan. Hello!

Sarah Hagan: Hello!

GF: You were most heavily promoted as being from Buffy coming up to this event…

SH: Yes.

GF: …but that’s not the role I think of when I see you…

SH: You think of Freaks and Geeks.

GF: I think of Freaks and Geeks.

SH: Yeah. I get recognised the most for Freaks and Geeks, nobody recognises me from Buffy.

GF: Is that so?

SH: There’s very few people who come up to me for Buffy. That’s the in the States, maybe it’s just…I think Buffy is bigger internationally than Freaks and Geeks, that’s for sure.

House of Geekery Sarah Hagan OzcomicCon

GF: I think that’s true because Freaks and Geeks only really got here (to Australia) as a DVD.

SH: Yeah. Really?

GF: Yeah. Your resume has got these amazing cult shows like Freaks and Geeks and Buffy, which…what exactly am I trying to phrase (pro reporting right here)?

SH: I don’t know. They’re very different shows, they were both very different experiences. Both awesome experiences. I got to do my own fighting, and that was very different, on Buffy.

GF: Was that your first time doing fight training?

SH: Yes, but I didn’t really ‘train’ train. They showed me the routine…

GF: Basically just give you a stake?

SH: …gave me a stake, and basically gave me 15 minutes before filming to practise it with the stunt people and then we went. We filmed it.


GF: What I find interesting is that Freaks and Geeks and Buffy are very different genres, but very much the same audience?

SH: Yes.

GF: What do you think attracts people to these shows?

SM: They’re very relevant and…just…what am I trying to say?

GF: This is my fault, I ruined the interview!

SH: YOU’VE RUINED IT!! Now we can’t talk.

GF: Let’s just sit in silence.

Sarah Hagan House of Geekery Oz ComicCon

SH: They…just…they go through experiences that the normal people go through. That every people go through. They touch on that, both shows do, and that draws people in to it, if that makes sense.

GF: That makes perfect sense!

SH: Ok, great!

GF: What attracted you to these roles?

SH: They’re interesting characters. They’re almost comedic relief characters, which I like. They’re both – the writing in general is really great. There’s GREAT dialogue. There’s that and…I don’t know…that!

GF: More recently in your filmography I noticed one – I have to find out what this is – it’s called Breaking Fats?

SH: Oh…(laughs)…that’s a fun little webs series I do with my friend.

GF: What is it?

SH: It’s kind of a spoof of Breaking Bad but the dealers are fat chicks. I’m one of the step cousins of one of them. Yeah, it’s basically what it is. They’re fun and they’re 3 minutes long so it’s super simple.

GF: It sounds…very strange.

SH: Yes. You can watch it on youtube.

Jules: There’s been a lot of speculation at the moment, in the media, that there’s going to be a Freaks and Geeks reunion?

SH: Yes, this weekend actually. Today…well, it’s not really today yet…in L.A. we’re 15 hours behind Perth so I’m not really sure what time it is. But on Saturday the 11th in L.A. they’re doing TV Land Award Ceremony and they’re honouring Freaks and Geeks with a 15 Year Anniversary Award.


With the cast of ‘Freaks and Geeks’ in 2013.

GF: So they’ll honour the anniversary but no-one would keep it on the air?

SH: I know.

GF: They must be kicking themselves in hindsight. So you’re not going to make the reunion?

SH: I’m not unfortunately. I’m here with you lovely people.

GF: Isn’t it great?

SH: I’m having a great time! I’m sure they’ll be more reunions and stuff, there always are. They’ll be a 20 years one.

GF: And Buffy ones.

SH: Yeah, of course. Like you said, they’re cult classics and they’re never going to go away.

GF: The great thing about the cult classics is that we come out to events like this 20, 50 years after the show finished and people are still queuing up.

SH: Yep.

GF: It must be great to be a part of that.

SH: It is, it’s amazing. It’s great to come and see the people you worked with so long ago. It’s a bit world, we don’t always keep in contact with each other. We all have our own lives that we’re living but we all rejoin at these events and be amongst fans who love it to. it’s awesome.

GF: It’s great seeing you here today.

SH: Thank you!

GF: We’re going to have to move on, we’re getting the wrap up signal behind your back – don’t look! Don’t look! They do it behind the talent’s back so I have to be the rude one. Thank you, Sarah!

SH: (Laughs) Thanks!

Sarah Hagan House of Geekery Oz ComicCon