The Pull List: 7/27/2016

Buzz-worthy books of the week

Black Panther

Black Panther #4

The first arc to Ta-Nehisi Coates’ comes to a conclusion. I haven’t really gelled with this book, but there is part of me that still thinks it will be a big deal. Ryan Coogler, the director taking Panther to the big screen in his solo movie, has great things to say about it.


Detective Comics #937

This series is really hearing up. Some Bat-wannabes actually got the drop on Batman, and that is because they are army trained based on training they reverse engineered from watching Bats in action. It turns out Batwoman’s dad is in on it, and now she and her team of Bat supporting characters are on the run.


East of West #28

The solicit is always cryptic. The series is so dense. It is hard to talk about this series sometimes, but goddamn, every issue has me on the edge of my seat.


Titans #1

Wally West, one of my favorite DC characters, is back. And this seems like the series that is going to feature him most prominently.


Uncanny Avengers #11

The Unity Squad vs Hank Pym, because there is less of Pym and more of Ultron at this point.