The Pull List: 11/2/2016

Buzz-worthy books of the week


Avengers #1

Post-Civil War, the Avengers has a roster shake-up. Vision, Cap (Wilson), Thor (Foster), and the new Wasp are joined by Spider-Man and Hercules. And they are up against one of the Avengers worst enemies: KANG!


Champions #2

The teenage members of the Avengers got sick of the adults always fighting each other over and over so they went out on their own, joined by the new Hulk, Vision’s daughter, and the time-lost Cyclops. At least, they tried to get the time-lost Cyclops.


Foolkiller #1

Second of the three Mercs for Money to strike out on his own, Foolkiller is getting his chance at being therapist he always wanted to be, helping rehabilitate supervillains for SHIELD.


Nailbiter #26

NEW STORY ARC! The snow starts to fall just in time for the Holiday season.


Occupy Avengers #1

In the wake of Civil War II, the superhero community has been a privileged bunch plagued by in-fighting that as a reader I am so sick and tired of. Hawkeye has been the bright light in all of this. Between Fraction and Lemire, they developed him into one of Marvel’s best characters, and the events of Civil War II will probably leave him in a desperate spot. Re-casting him again in the role of “man of the people” should work out really well for him.


Rough Riders #7

This has been a cool idea. Alternate sci-fi, steampunk¬†timeline. A historical version of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. This concludes the first arc. What’s next for this group? Who is next to join?


Sheriff of Babylon #12

Do not miss the last issue of this incredible book. I seriously doubt any book will be able to prove better by the end of the year.


Unworthy Thor #1

The Odinson is back! And if he can’t lift his Mjolnir, he’ll just try another. Psst, he finds the Ultimate Thor’s version.