Zero Context: Game of Thrones – Episode 2

It’s time for episode 2 of Zero Context: Game of Thrones, a podcast where a Game of Thrones expert and a newbie come together to watch the final season of Game of Thrones and talk about their thoughts, feelings and concerns as the season progresses.

In this episode, we discuss episode 2 of the final season of Game of Thrones, and how we feel about storylines coming full circle, the danger lurking in the crypts, and Brienne finally receiving a well-deserved honour. I make some predictions that I now know will be coming true in future episodes, Jake freaks out about the sudden and unacknowledged reappearance of a direwolf, and we are both confused by the sudden disappearance of chemistry between Gendry and Arya.

Additionally, in spoiler corner, I am flabbergasted by how little the spoilers about Tormund’s giant milk story prepared me for hearing him tell it. I also discuss my pros and cons for this episode, and my main con is that the episode needed more dragons this time. But to balance it out, I am really enjoying Bran spending several scenes creepily messing with Jaime. Jake’s hot take for the episode is a fan theory that involves the Night King bypassing Winterfell and heading straight for King’s Landing, which we were very on board with.

Next week, we will of course be discussing the big battle of episode 3 of the final season, and we’ll be talking battle tactics, character deaths and responsible pet ownership.

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But for now, Valar Morghulis!

Our theme music is Exciting Trailer by Kevin Macleod.