Ten Things Noticed While Watching ‘Almost Famous’

  1. Is that Dexter’s sister?
  2. Is that Rainn Wilson under that mo?
  3. Man, Kate Hudson is great in this movie…what the hell happened? The major problem with her career is the terrible choices but now I can’t help wondering if the naivety the character shows and the shallowness that gets hinted at may not have been intentional.
  4. Why don’t we see more of Noah Taylor? Dude is cool.
  5. This really is an amazing young ensemble.
  6. Billy Crudup only seems to really, really nail a role when it’s an emotionally repressed character with charisma. I’m thinking this and ‘Watchmen’ represent that.
  7. We all love the sing-a-long, but I always assumed the song was on the soundtrack, not playing on the bus. If that is the case, why’d they start signing halfway through?
  8. The Cleveland scenes are easily the best directed scenes in the movie.
  9. Why does Jimmy Fallon keep saying “respectfully”?
  10. 10. I need to pinpoint the moment Zooey Deschnel started to annoy me. I’m guessing it was somewhere around 500 Days of Summer.