“Is that gum? Good work!”

As a high school teacher, I instinctively keep an eye out for the dastardly act of gum chewing. Such a foul and despicable act could not be tolerated. That was until I read a Cracked.com article about why schools shouldn’t crack down on gum chewers. According to research chewing gum would increase focus and concentration up to 35%, reduce stress and boredom as well as suppressing appetite.

Wait – why aren’t we letting students chew gum? All of those things sound pretty bloody good for a classroom situation!

Turns out most teachers will object to students chewing gum because it’s a ‘disgusting habit’ and it winds up stuck to the underside of the desk. Since having lifted the ban on gum chewing in recent weeks I’ve found that now it’s not an act of rebellion to be chewing gum during class, the malicious act of sticking it under the desks and chairs has vanished. Many of my students now chew gum in my class, and all drop it into the bin on the way to the next class. Students have been generally better working and relaxed during lessons.

End line: chewing gum is good for learn’n.