The Baby Owners Manual

When I was preparing myself for impeding parenthood, I had concerned about how much I didn’t know. Sure I can critically analyse a film seven ways to Sunday and kick all kinds of ass in Marvel vs Capcom 3, but few of these skills translate to raising a child through their first few years. Much of stress came not from the big issues, like can I find the balance between work and family (family comes first at all times) but the little issues, such as how to change a nappy, the best way to pick a baby up. The things that no-one takes the time to tell you.

Sure there’s enough books and websites on the topic to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool and do a few laps in it. Sadly, most of those books discuss theories, not practical information or worse, push an agenda (especially the websites). Seriously, just tell me the most effective way of burping a the little blighter, not spend chapters debating whether or not we should.

Enter: The Baby Owner’s Manual.

This is a book that speaks the language of geeks! Literally – the doctors are referred to as service providers, feeding and poop’n become ‘Input’ and ‘Output’, etc. It covers every aspect of baby management, and provides unbiased advice on different approaches to each. You’ll get the pros and cons of both breast feeding and formula laid out in charts and instructions on how to provide each. Blue-print style diagrams make each chapter easy to follow at a glance.

I strongly suggest every geek parent or parent-to-be to pick up a copy. And as time goes on, you can grab the Toddler Edition!