‘Fast and Furious 5’ DVD Review

Director: Justin Lin

Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Not The Rock


This is the first movie in the series that I’ve bother watching since the first one. Having the lead actor jump ship on the sequel, then the second stringer bail out before the third was enough of a red flag for me to skip them both. The fourth looked like a desperate attempt by the original cast to try and get their agents to return their calls. So what made me pick up the fifth in the series? Well, I’d heard it was a decent action movie and I needed one more New Release to make up the $10 deal.

Expectations were set on low and the film delivered. Things were made clear in the opening scene that all the characters were magical beings that defied the laws of physics by tripping a bus over using a car. Things remain just as silly – and entertaining – for the remaining duration.

One thing that really surprised me was the lack of car racing. I’ve been out of the loop, sure, but I was under the impression that driving was a key part of proceedings. Instead of car based antics the films devolves into an ‘Ocean’s 11’-for-dummies type heist, complete with a team of different skills (that they never use) and personalities. Even at a point when they wager their car with a local, the race is never shown. Confusing to say the least.

Dwayne ‘Not The Rock Anymore’ Johnson brings plenty to the table (mostly sweat – seriously, he’s like a deluge) as he plows through the scenario and characters like a bison, followed by his crew of ‘Modern Warfare 2’ cosplayers.  He certainly makes a decent opponent for Vin Diesel, no doubt killing time until that live action Mr. Potatohead movie happens. Because he’s shaped like a potato.

Aside from those quibbles, the action is good and the chemistry between the characters believable and if you’re brain isn’t in the mood to do anything it’s worth the time.