Disney Dinner and a Movie: The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap was one of my favorite films growing up. A set of twins is separated at birth when their super selfish parents get divorced and decide that their hatred for each other is more important than their daughters knowing they have siblings. Annie lives with her mom in the UK and Hallie lives with her Dad in California. They end up meeting at a summer camp somewhere on the East Coast and hatch a plan to get their family back together. It’s an incredibly fun film and Lindsey Lohan is fantastic as both twins.


For appetizer, which was really more of a breakfast, I wanted to make something that represented Annie and her British heritage. When I think British foods I think scones and I’ve always wanted to make them so here they are. I choose blueberry because it’s my favorite. They came out fantastic! I was doubtful that a vegan version would capture the right scone consistency but boy this recipe exceeded all my expectations!



For dinner I went with a Hallie theme and made chili, her favorite food as they mention in the movie. Chili is great because it can be made is so many different ways depending on your preferences. Mine had red beans, carrots, onions, and lots more. It was delicious and I ate all the leftovers. Since Hallie and her father live on a vineyard, I suggest pairing it with some of your favorite wine!



Dessert was a no-brainer for me. Since the twins bond by their mutual love for oreos and peanut butter I knew I had to have those ingrediants. Then I found a recipe that was for peanut-butter oreo s’mores which was even more perfect since what food is more “summer camp” than s’mores? These were incredibly easy, quick and delicious. Highly recommended.



This was the perfect film to end my summer with; a great family classic and lots of summer flavors and treats!


Coming Soon: Disney Dinner and a Movie: Peter Pan