Ten Random Thoughts While Watching ‘Scream 2’

  1. Going the extra meta- layer with the film within a film is already diminishing the impact of the original. As is the terrible remix of the Nick Cave song. Plus the shocking stereotypes making pointless commentary. I know you think this is clever, but it’s not.
  2. Nice nods to William Castle with the spook on a wire and ‘Stab-O-Vision’…but those references were probably lost on the target audience.
  3. Did they drug the popcorn or something? Everyone in the cinema is acting like a three year old.
  4. I’m glad my film stduents aren’t this retarded. Being able to quote movies more accurately than everyone else and do shonky impersonations somehow makes you better than everyone else? Try learning something about film.
  5. Wow, there’s no way Mister Creepy Expression is in anyway the murdering psychopath. Not the guy filming everything…when the murderer also films everything.
  6. Lol it’s Jerry O’Connell. And Joshua Jackson.
  7. Wait…is that Portia de Rossi?
  8. Luke Wilson as Skeet Ulrich?
  9. That’s enough references to other ‘Friends’ actors plzthks.
  10. 10. I quite like the scene where Gail Weathers sees the killer searching for her in the sound booth. Makes it a more humanised character, who’s scarier than some omnipotent being.