Ten Random Thoughts: ‘Scream 3’

1. For someone suffering from emotional and psychological trauma I don’t really buy that she’s spending her time working on a crisis hotline. Maybe work on your own issues first?
2. Since when was Patrick Dempsey in this movie?
3. At least the film-makers acknowledge the fact that all the meta-film motifs are idiotic this time around.
4. And if you think name dropping Seinfeld cheapens the movie, it’s only a few seconds later that Jay and Silent Bob pop in for a cameo. Not a ‘walk past in the background’ cameo, but a cameo with dialogue that results in Courtney Cox giving them the finger. Nothing but class.
5. Does Neve Campbell age?
6. These ghost sequences are dumb.
7. I can’t help but wonder if Jenny McCarthy is knowingly taking the piss out of herself, or does she think she’s referring to the other dumb blonde actresses who play a decade younger then they are. Since I hate Jenny ‘I-can’t-accept-my-child-has-autism-so-I’m-going-to-claim-they’re-the-next-step-in-evolution-while-actively-campaigning-for-children-to-be-left-vulnerable-to-live-threatening-illneses’ McCarthy, I’m going to assume that she’s an idiot.
8. It has been scientifically proven that Patrick Warburton makes everything 16% better.
9. I really don’t get what the joke with the Carrie Fisher scene is meant to be, but it’s not funny. Not. At. All.
10. BWAHAHAHAHA she has a Creed poster!