Ten Random Thoughts while Watching ‘The Prestige’

  1. I remember initial reviews for this movie commenting on the ‘twist’ about High Jackman cloning himself being ‘obvious’. Look behind you, the point of the movie just flew straight past you.
  2. Love the opening shot featuring all the top hats. Great hook.
  3. 14:44 minutes into the movie is the first real hint as to how Borden’s trick works.
  4. ScarJo gets quite underused in this film, but it’ll be tricky going further into her character without giving the game away. I like the intrigue she creates.
  5. I know it’s coming, but the shackle trick in the prison still makes me smile.
  6. First time watching in Blu-Ray – Tesla’s electricity looks especially sparkly.
  7. David Bowie and Andy Serkis are both fantastic – they’d be more notable if they weren’t part of such a fantastic ensemble.
  8. Every repeat viewing brings new details to my attention. Few films have that impact.
  9. Having read the book, I’m glad that the changes were made for the film. The simplicity of the twist is what makes it so effective.
  10. 10.  Hans Zimmer is bloody amazing. He evokes a response even though I know the movie inside out.