Raising Your Geekling: Mad Scientist Building Blocks

Playing with your geekling is awesome, and building blocks are a simple joy. A set of colourful blocks plus a re-purposed Jenga set has provided more hours of entertainment than the expensive interactive toys on the market. It’s great to see a child move from being able to pick a block up for the first time to knock over a tower you’ve made to stacking by themselves. A set of blocks that can provide further education in later years is a bonus.

So when you want to encourage insane, unethical experimentation and maniacal laughter (people underestimate the laugh), you need the Mad Scientist Blocks. Available from ThinkGeek, this modest set of five blocks features fantastic laser carved images building an alphabet of useful words such as N for Nanotechnology, Q for Quantum Physics and K for Potassium.

Whilst they’re not an extensive set, for the parent looking to add a bit of mirth to playtime they’re quite good fun!