Review: Doctor Who Season 6

Doctor Who

Where does the TARDIS go now?


Oh yes there will be spoilers

Head writer Stephen Moffat knew that with close to fifty years that people are familiar with, that he had to begin the latest cult hit British series with a bang, and did he ever, by seemingly killing the show’s main character in brutal fashion within the first few minutes of the first episode.  This turn of events leads to a past version of the Doctor and his team of companions; Amy, Rory, and the mysterious River Song, to set out on an adventure across the United States leading up to the moon landing in the 1960’s, in the two part premiere, The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon. Along the way they discover the existence of The Silence, an alien threat which will pose a problem for the rest of the season.The story ends with what many called the greatest plot twist in the show’s history. The two part season premiere takes full advantage of being able to film in the US with sweeping shots of the majestic Utah desert, it gave a great sense of scope to the story. The Silence is a brilliant twist on the extra terrestrial threat concept, by having   the alien menace having been on earth guiding the human race for thousands of years, by causing those who see them to immeidately forget them.

Silence will fall

The rest of the season’s first half watches as the Doctor and his newlywed companions encounter pirates, plastic people, and a sentient asteroid. The highlight of the standalone episodes is penned by the great Neil Gaiman, The Doctor’s Wife, where an evil entity forces the TARDIS into the body of a woman and we finally see the depth of love that the Doctor has had for his machine for all of these years. In the episode A Good Man Goes to War, the Doctor mus confront the secret army which has been building against him for the past couple of episodes led by Madame Kovarian, and it all comes to a head as the Time Lord must lead an army of his allies against those who kidnapped Amy’s child, who is revealed to be someone very familiar. When the season picks up in again in the remarkable episode, Let’s Kill Hitler, it does not ease the viewers back into the action, instead the episode is a breakneck science fiction adventure. This half of the season takes a decidedly darker and more introspective turn with episodes like; The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex. This means the episode Closing Time, is a welcome light hearted reprieve leading to the rushed but relentlessly entertaining finale, The Wedding of River Song, where the Doctor must save the universe from Kovarian and The Silence while having to confront his own death. Once again Matt Smith gives a performance showing he is worthy of this legendary role; and those still bemoaning the loss of his predecessor are too dense to recognize his talent. Amy and Rory prove themselves as perfectly capable companions who are able to hold their own against Smith’s charisma, especially Arthur Darvill who has grown in the role of Rory and really comes into his own. Alex Kingston once again amazes as the enigmatic River Song whom proves to be the centerpiece for much of the season’s unfolding mystery. There are a few weak spots; despite the anticipation of seeing the Doctor team up with pirates to face an evil Lily Cole, The Curse of the Black Spot, is a rather forgettable episode and the season finale felt a bit rushed. Despite the flaws Season 6 proves to be arguably be the best written and strongest season of the series.