‘Hanna’ DVD Review

Director: Joe Wright

Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett

Plot: Hanna is a young girl who has been raised in the wilderness by her ex-CIA father, during which time she is trained to hunt, kill and adapt to her environment. Eventually an Agent who has been hunting for them force Hanna into a new environment, where she’ll encounter other people and modern society for the first time.

Review: Revenge thrillers are an odd genre – they seem to appeal to mainstream and alternative film-makers alike. For every overblown Taken he also get the cool and artistic Hanna. This is the type of movie that is going to be praised by critics and still lose out at the box office to an animated rabbit. This is a slick, sharp thriller tying together a strong script, performances and artistic sensibility.

Saoirse Ronan continues to prove that she’s one of the best young performers of this generation, having first made a splash with director Joe Wright in Atonement. This proves to be her most accomplished role to date. Cold and clinical as a killer, confused and curious as a stranger in a strange world. She can be a frightening force at times but always seems genuinely human, needing her fathers approval and wanting to fit in with the vacationing family she falls in with in Morocco.

The entire cast are extremely strong, from Bana and Blanchett right down to the smaller roles. Wright has proven himself to be adept at working with his actors and he combines this an uncanny eye for working with a lens. There’s no single moment which doesn’t astound the viewer with the brilliant cinematography. Everything from imaginative positioning of the camera to the sharp colour design. Anyone with a passing interest in cinema is going to find plenty to enjoy in this rich, unusual thriller.