Batman Legend Jerry Robinson Dies Age 89

Jerry Robinson was discovered by Batman creator Bob Kane in 1939 when he was a 17 year old journalism student and brought him on board the now legendary comic series as a letterer and background inker. Robinson proved to be a natural and within a year had moved up the ranks to being the primary inker. Shortly after, the series became a smash hit. By 1943 Bob Kane had moved to drawing Batman newspaper strips, and Robinson took over the role of penciling.

In addition to playing a key role in creating the original art style used in Batman comics, Robinson played a major part in creating some of the series’ best known characters. Robinson suggested naming Batman’s sidekick ‘Robin’ after Robin Hood and (although some will dispute this) came up with the visuals for ‘The Joker’ by drawing the playing card that he would expand into the full character. He also played a role in the creation of Alfred Pennyworth and Two-Face.

Robinson’s career didn’t begin and end with Batman, however. He played a key role in the comic industry for the decades that followed, even creating his own manga series, ‘Astra’, as recently as 1999 and was hired as a consultant by DC in 2007.

Robinson passed 8th December 2011, a few months after receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Cartoon Art Museum at the San Diego Comic Con.

We appreciate all the work done by the many writers and artists who have contributed towards Batman comics over the decade, but no-one has had as much of an impact as Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson.

Rest in Peace.