Websites We Love: DoctorWhoCast

This may come as a shock to you, but geeks love Doctor Who. You’re surprised, I know. He’s a complete dork who travels through space and time with a variety of attractive ladies – it’s no wonder that every geek on the planet watches this show. This week we featured the Top 10 Episodes starring David Tennant, just one of the eleven incarnations of the character because we love Doctor Who so much.

I got into Doctor Who late in my career as a professional geek and in the last six months I’ve been burning through as many past episodes as possible. With the extensive fanbase and long history it’s tough finding a really solid source of information and news that’s easily accessible for fans and noobs alike. Enter the DoctorWhoCast. These fine people keep up to date with the latest Doctor information and presents it all nicely in the one place. Best of all, their podcasts explore the wide of world of the Doctor, providing commentary and insights that are well worth the time.

Head over there now to get the update of the recently rediscovered lost episodes and the latest podcast, taking a look back at the awesome ‘Bad Wolf’ episode!