‘Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture’ Book Review

Author: N.K. Jemisin

Review: There are dozens upon dozens of gimmicky bite-size books capitalising on the recent increase in geekness permeating popular culture. ‘Helpful Types of Being a Zombie!’ ‘How to Woo A Vampire!’ They seem to be endless, employing obvious humour and little actual charm, destined to become stocking fillers. Given the deluge of crap littering book stores, I’m not sure what it is that made me pick this one up – especially as it was in the ‘Gift Books’ section, an area I like to avoid as though it’s on fire (although that’ll be an improvement).

Maybe it was the blurb.

Obviously this was written by a person who speaks our language. These aren’t just random quotes, but quotes that we all know and hold dear. The book is dedicated to those who have used one of those quote in real life conversation. Clearly this was a book worth reading. The book itself is an examination of the philosophy behind such quotes and the lessons one can take from them. Each page is dedicated to a single quote with a short piece on how it can be applied to day-to-day life. Some of it genuinely does make you feel good, whether it’s by giving you fresh perspective or reminding us that geeks are no longer alone in the world.

If you’re a geek up for some light-hearted, feel good reading or you have a geek in your life in need of a stocking filler – buy it.