Casting Call: A Christmas Carol

Ebenezer Scrooge – Bill Nighy

I love Bill Nighy. He is like the lost member of Monty Python. His certain brand of well-timed eccentricity and humor has made him a go to for funny Englishman. It has also made him a go-to for sinister characters. The overall quality of the Underworld and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises may be arguable, but he is consistently one of the better things about them. It would probably be easy for him to evolve one of those sinister characters into the merry man Scrooge becomes by the ending.

Jacob Marley – Ian McKellen

Marley is a very tragic character. He is a spiteful man that we must feel for immediately in death. He comes back to haunt Scrooge. IN some interpretations, he is some sort of charming prankster who enjoys terrorizing Scrooge before explaining the coming circumstances, and sometimes he is an out right ghost as ferocious and fearsome as any other. Ian McKellen, who is brimming with screen presences and overall acting gravity should have no trouble with it. Marley may have small screen time, but it is important to the plot, so getting a grade-A actor like McKellen would definitely be the right move.

Ghost of Christmas Past – Juno Temple

The Ghost of Christmas Past is usually described as a child-like spirit of unspecified age or gender. although it is usually played by a woman. The ghost is also described with a glowing, candle-flame-like head. Juno Temple is a young up and coming actress with angelic figures including glowing blonde hair and incredibly soft, fair skin. Her pixie like voice would finish the child-like quality the ghost has often been described with.

Ghost of Christmas Present – Nick Frost

The 1984 version of Christmas Carol starring George C. Scott portrays the Ghost of Christmas Present as a feast loving tough guy who is stern towards Scrooge. I didn’t like that. The Muppets on the other hand portrayed him as a big lovable Santa Claus like figure who tried “killing Scrooge with kindness.” If you combine the two, you end us with a likable sarcastic party lover. It seems like Nick Frost (or at least the characters he tends to play) in a nutshell. Sure, he is chubbier than the others, but that body type still feels like it would be appropriate for the character.

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

I guess it does not matter who plays the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come since in the classic depiction of him he doesn’t really talk. Any stunt man or even extra I suppose could be thrown in the robe. But I think it is a character yet to be explored. Either a brilliant performance actor like Doug Jones or a truly sinister actor like Mark Strong could be really interesting under creative circumstances.

Merry Christmas everyone, and thanks for reading 😉