10 Females I’d Like to See in Future Spider-Man Movies

I may be wrong to assume that there are going to be sequels to this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man but let’s be honest, it looks awesome and if the crap-fest that was Spiderman 3 could be released, I think I can hold out hope for some sequels to this film. Onward I humbly present to you my ideas for female characters that could appear in a sequel, with or without Gwen Stacey. Some of them are love interests and some are completely platonic secondary characters that would prove how females can be present in superhero movies without having to suck face with the hero.

1. Mary Jane Watson

Why: Although she’s been done before, seeing a Peter-Gwen-MJ love triangle would be satisfying to comic fans and non-comic audiences alike. The character is famous for a reason and you can’t have the Spider-man universe without MJ.

Who I’d Cast: Elena Satine (Just Go With It, Smallville) because I think it’s best to go with a more unknown actress since Kirsten Dunst already so famously portrayed the role. Not to mention she has the supermodel looks you need to play MJ.

2. The Black Cat (aka Felicia Hardy)

Why: The Black Cat would work for Spidey like Catwoman does for Batman. She’s kinda bad, kinda good. Peter likes her, but maybe he shouldn’t. The enemy/lover angle works really well and could even be thrown in if Gwen is still around.

Who I’d Cast: Amber Heard (Drive Angry, The Rum Diary) because who else could pull off that tight leather suit and platinum blonde hair? Amber has that feline quality that is essential when casting Felicia.

3. Jean DeWolff

Why: It’s rare that we get strong female characters in superhero movies that aren’t someone’s love interest. DeWolff is a police captain so she could be strong but relatable, because she’s not blessed with superpowers. In the comics she is a staunch supporter of Spiderman, but wasn’t always. This transition would be an interesting one to put to screen.

Who I’d Cast: Emily Deschanel (Bones). I can’t really explain this one, but she sprung to mind as soon as I started thinking about casting Jean.

4. Spiderwoman (aka Jessica Drew)

Why: It’d be nice for Peter to find a kindred spirit and one that he doesn’t need to have a romantic relationship with. Who says he has to be the only one with Spider powers? This pairing may even lead up to a crossover with SHIELD.

Who I’d Cast: Gemma Arterton (Prince of Persia, Quantum of Solace). Gemma is a tall dark drink of British water who is not only a beautiful and accomplished actress, but she has lots of experience in actions movies already.

5. Arachne (aka Julia Carpenter)

Why: Similar to my reasoning for Spiderwoman, Arachne would provide Peter with a female counterpart without the burden of her having to be a love interest. We women want some kick-ass heroines too!

Who I’d Cast: Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood) needs some more film exposure, and what better to dive into with than an action-packed Marvel movie? Besides, can you think of a hotter strawberry blonde in Hollywood right now?

6. Firestar (aka Angelica Jones)

Why: Honestly, I just think it’d be awesome to see Firestar on screen and watch her manipulate and generate energy and heat. Also she can kinda fly. Maybe she just got her powers and isn’t sure how to control them so the press writes her as a villain until Spidey comes along and helps her out. Just go with it.

Who I’d Cast: Karen Gillan (Doctor Who) because she’s an adorable young redhead and already a Geek icon.

7. Lightwave (aka Aurora Dante)

Why: Lightwave hasn’t frequented too many comics but her storyline is an interesting one. She has the power to control and manipulate light and possesses both a laser blast and a photon force field. She is at first considered a traitor to SHIELD that Spiderman help’s to stop after being brainwashed to try and destroy the Earth. He breaks the mind control that she was under and essentially helps her get back into the hero game. So she could be another villain turned good guy on screen.

Who I’d Cast: Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gossip Girl). On Gossip Girl Michelle is oh-so-good at playing oh-so-bad and covering it up with the good girl act. She nails both sides perfectly and I think she’d do the same in this role.

8. Debra Whitman

Why: Debra’s story would be perfect for a movie. She’s a university student who dates Peter for a while and starts to believe he might be Spider-man, which leads to her being diagnosed with mild schizophrenia. Threatening, but not enough so that we feel Gwen is out of the picture.

Who I’d Cast: Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory), just because.

9. Michelle Gonzales

Why: Gonzales is a criminal defense lawyer and Peter’s roommate’s sister. Like Jean DeWolff, she could provide a strong non-superhero female character that is relatable to the common audience. She and Peter did apparently sleep together after a drunken one-night-stand, but I think it would be OK if they left that part out.

Who I’d Cast: Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria Full of Grace) because I just think she’d be good in the part. And we need people to forget her momentary lapse of sanity that was Twilight: Eclipse.

10. Carlie Cooper

Why: Carlie is an officer of the NYPD’s Crime Scene Unit who has a long-term romance with Peter. Her job could definitely make him keep his secret identity a problem. She eventually finds out who he is and breaks up with him because he lied, but ends up going back to him for help.

Who I’d Cast: Carly Pope (24) because she desperately needs a comeback.