Severed Comic Book Review

We all know comics scribe, Scott Snyder is currently dominating the entire medium with his run on DC Comics’ Batman, a great character that he is leaving his distinct imprint on. But lest we forget, Snyder began his career by scaring readers in the pages of Vertigo’s American Vampire, and in his recent mini series from Image Comics, Severed, he expresses his love for classic slow building horror. He focuses on the mystery and dangers on the rails and back roads of a country coming into it’s own during a tumultuous time.

Co-written by Scott Tuft with art by Attila Futaki, the story focuses on a man named Jack, who is an older man clearly enjoying his life and family, until he receives a message from a man he had a horrible encounter with, when he was just a boy. This sends him back on a journey of remembrance. The story focuses on Jack’s adventure as a boy looking for his father in the early twentieth century. He runs away from home and hits the rails where he meets a young girl and forms a close friendship. But looming over him like a dark shadow is a mysterious salesman with particular tastes, a true monster of the American back roads, meant to symbolize the pure personification of evil. 

The story from Tuft and Snyder is bound to give nightmares to even the most hardened and brave of any reader who dares turn the page. The villain is fantastical enough to remain interesting but at the same time grounded in reality, a true boogeyman haunting the travels of our young protagonist. The perfect compliment to the story is the art from Futaki, which has a raw and realistic look yet with expressionistic elements to create the atmosphere of fear and dread. This is easily the scariest comic book series to hit the racks in years with a likeable main character who is defined by a villain who is nothing short of a monster.