Catalogue of Freaks: Batman’s New Foes

Since the death and subsequent return of Bruce Wayne Batman has encountered a new gallery of enemies. Whilst people like The Joker, Clayface and The Penguin where far from normal the new batch of bad guys are especially freakish. For those not up to speed we have the breakdown of the new psychos.

Professor Pyg

Lazlo Valentin is a deeply disturbed individual. Little is known about his past, but at present time he heads up the Circus of Strange along with an army of Dollotrons out of the old Fun Fair that used to belong to the Joker. Professor Pyg is never without his pig mask and is a gifted scientist with an obsession with genetics and identity. Using his Circus of Strange Pyg rounds up victims and turns them into Dollotrons by grafting a mask into their faces and drugging them with an identity-stealing concoction.

His Circus of Strange was comprised of the obese Big Top, conjoined triplets Siam, the inflamed Phosphorus Rex and the mutated Mister Toad.

The Flamingo

Eduardo Flamingo was just a normal man who ran afoul of the Mob. In retaliation they lobotomized and brainwashed him in order to use him as a hitman. Although he is often garishly dressed in hot pink, riding a decorated motorbike and wielding a whip he is not to be taken lightly. A pure sociopath he is also referred to as ‘The Eater of Faces’, and with good reason. He cuts of women’s faces and eats them. Easily one of the most twisted creations in Batman history.

Red Hood and Scarlet

Far back in Batman history the Dark Knight was teamed up with Jason Todd as the second Robin. After Todd was murdered by The Joker he rose from the grave (details are sketchy) and took the identity of the an old gangster and became the Red Hood. Acting as a dangerous vigilante he took an alternative philosophy to Bruce Wayne and killed all the criminals he tracked down. After losing the battle for the cowl to Dick Grayson he took up the mantle of Red Hood again and took a sidekick named Scarlet. Scarlet was the daughter of a local hoodlum who fell victim to Professor Pyg’s Dollotron process, not being administered the drug but still having the mask grafted onto her skin.

The Absence

As part of his cover identity Bruce Wayne has dated many of Gotham’s socialites. One which Alfred was particularly fond of, who was eventually stood up by Wayne, was Una Nemo. During a heist on a yacht party she was shot point blank in the head and fell overboard. Having survived the attack she found that she had unknowingly suffered from Dandy Walker syndrome, which meant that her head was hollow and her brain matter was located in a film around the inside of her skull. The wound left her with a massively increased intelligence, insomnia and insanity. Obsessed with getting Bruce Wayne to notice her, she resorted to strapping Batman and Robin into a trapped chair that would result in them having power drills put through their heads.

White Knight

Batman and Robin encounter the White Knight for the first time when people dressed as angels begin throwing themselves of buildings. Investigating the case they discover the White Knight. Seemingly made of a glowing white light with grafted wings and spraying phosphorous gel of his enemies, the White Knight is obsessed with destroying the inmates of Arkham Asylum. As a child his father worked as a guard in the asylum until he was murdered by Doctor Phosphorous during a riot, forcing the child down a path that would lead him to break into Arkham to try and drown the inmates.