DVD Review: Veronica Mars – Season Two

By Appa the Gypsy

Following on from my recent DVD Review of Veronica Mars – Season One, I decided that I might as well put my super special awesome television marathoning skillz to good use, and watch me some season two. And so I did. I did go to university and work in between some episodes, so it wasn’t my best marthoning effort, but I got it done. Yep. Eventually.

Graduation Day for the Class of '06

Veronica Mars, played by Kristen Bell, takes to the small screen again to bring us a second season full of crime solving and private detection with the help of her private detective father, played by Enrico Colantoni. It’s senior year for the class of 2006, but, for the residents of the town of Neptune, California, it’s a year filled with tragedy, plot twists, and even a little bit of kidnapping. But Veronica and her friends still keep it light with some of the wittiest scripting to ever grace our screens and one of the best casts of characters I’ve seen on a T.V. drama so far in my relatively short existence.

Season One ended with a little bit of a cliffhanger-like moment, and we could only guess who was really at Veronica’s door in the final episode. Luckily, the answer is revealed moments into Season Two, accompanied by its own set of shocking revelations. And the first couple of episodes of Season Two are just filled with shock after shock, the most notable being a bus crash which kills several of Veronica’s classmates, and becomes the big mystery that needs solving for the season, in the same way that the murder of Lilly Kane was in the first season. What caused the bus to crash, and why? In true VMars style, you don’t find out until the final episode, but following Veronica as she uncovers mysterious evidence that points her in all different directions is fascinating and spellbinding.

That's right. Michael Cera.

But don’t think Season Two is all about a tragic bus crash. There’s plenty of subplots and individual episode plot arcs to keep you glued to your screen. One of the great things about this season is that it devotes more time to the secondary characters, while not lessening the importance of Veronica’s main storyline.

Here’s the thing, though. It’s really hard to think about Season Two on its own. You really have to look at it in comparison to Season One. Veronica Mars is amazing, but each of the three seasons are a little different from each other in their own ways. For example, Season Two moves away from the surreal style of filming that dominated Season One, after the first few episodes. Sure, there’s the odd flashback, or dream sequence, but, for the most part, the shooting style and colour grading give the show the look of a normal teen drama. I think this makes the style less interesting, but that doesn’t mean the basis of the show has been damaged in any way. It’s still the best show ever.

So, how about I make a list? We love lists here at the House of Geekery. Here’s the things I liked more about Season Two than Season One, followed by the stuff I liked less. I feel they’re all valid points.

Tina Majorino as 'Mac'

  • More Logan. I love me some Logan. He’s great. I didn’t like that we barely get to see him actually dating Veronica, because those two are too cute together, but they’re definitely at their most entertaining when they’re not dating, that’s for sure. Logan got more of his own storyline this time, and it wasn’t all about how his family is so rich (which must really suck for him…) and how his girlfriend died. There’s more to it this time, and it’s so great to watch.
  • Tina Majorino. She’s just so… Tina Majorino. And she carries some great story lines, delivers some fantastic wit, and she’s a great friend to Veronica. Her character’s tech savvy is great for the show, simply because it keeps Veronica from having to be too smart and perfect and stuff.
  • Dick and Beaver. The Casablancas brothers bring an interesting sibling rivalry to the table this season. They’re given more screen time, more great lines, and one or both of them may or may not be more intrinsic to the plot than you first realise. Interesting fact, Ryan Hansen was an extra in one of the first episodes of

    Will you just look at that hair?

    Season One, and was given one line. The creators brought him back because they liked his hair. True story.

  • More Weevil. That guy is the best. And he’s just so funny! But he also got to go to a really dark place this season, and it was great to see his character develop. I will admit, however, that once he was no longer the leader of the PCH bikers, he stopped being quite as bad-ass as he was before, just FYI for all you bad-ass guys out there… don’t make the same mistake.
  • Charisma Carpenter. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name of the actress, I am, of course, talking about Cordelia from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel. She makes appearances all throughout the season, and she’s just pure

    Her character has depth. Really.

    awesome. And her character is surprisingly multi-facetted, which you don’t expect when you first meet her.

Things I liked less about Season Two?

  • Bitch ruined Citizen Kane for me. Not even kidding. I’m a film student who hasn’t seen it yet, and Veronica went and ruined it for me. GOSH!
  • Too much Duncan. In a cast of truly epic characters, Duncan is actually pretty bland. He’s not as funny as the other characters, nor is he really that cool. And, while I’m sure he’d be a great boyfriend and all, I don’t think that he really matched Veronica that well in terms of her wit and cleverness. So, I was kind of happy when Duncan stopped being such an important character on the show, towards the middle of the season. Although, I will say that his final appearance in the last episode was good in terms of tying up loose ends and giving a sense of closure to the Lilly Kane murder storyline, finally.

    Wallace Fennel at his best...

  • Not enough Wallace. While Wallace did get some more of his own story lines this season, and his absence for a few episodes really made it clear how intrinsic he was to Veronica’s life, there really wasn’t enough of Wallace being Wallace. He’s an awesome character who says awesome stuff. He should have had the chance to say more awesome stuff. Because everyone loves Wallace.

Seriously, though. If you have not watched Veronica Mars yet, I suggest you stop reading blog posts about it and start watching it! It is so worth it, and it’s almost impossible to look away. The creators nailed it with this show. It’s just too bad it didn’t receive the attention it deserved while it was on the air, because that would have kept it on television for sure. But, I guess that’s what makes the three seasons we actually got all the more special.

Oh, and one more thing about Season Two that I liked more than Season One. The opening credits. Song’s the same, and so are most of the actors, but they’re so wonderfully cheesy with the timing. It’s great. Check it out…